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Our gourmet products are made with Olive Oil . This makes their texture crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside with the exquisite taste of  the highest quality Olive Oil. 

There’s a variety of products to choose from, all of them excellent compliment to either savory or sweet meals.

Our ingredients contain no saturated fats, making our product attractive to all kinds of consumers.

Characteristic for their extra fiber, the whole grain peaks are the perfect complement to your dishes and your diet. Perfect for any

Made with extra virgin olive oil and chia seeds. In addition to being a completely innovative product, they are perfect both for

With the differential factor of buckwheat flour and a naturally Andalusian extra virgin olive oil, we openly say that our peaks are

Small bread sticks with a lower water content that makes their texture extremely crunchy. This typical Andalusian Product, “Picos Camperos” is a

Our “Regañás” with Olive Oil “SherryCos” are a gourmet bakery product. “Regañá” is a very thin crunchy bread, mostly typical from the

Our bread “Traditional style Picos” is made with 100% natural ingredients, making them the perfect complement to any meal. Crunchy texture and

Our “Picos” with Olive oil is a gourmet bakery product, ideal to go with a great variety of meals, from all kind

Our healthy option is the whole wheat Picos with a special texture and flavour. You can select all our products with organic

The “Colines” are a variety of extremely smooth picos. It can be that tasted especially with sweet creams. You can select all